Mission statement from TSERC

使命 Our Mission



 Teikyo Simulation Education Research Center (TSERC) contributes to society by fostering great medical professionals with expertise, integrity, and creativity through simulation-based education.


ビジョン Our Vison

Providing high-quality simulation-based education and research as one of the leading Simulation Centers in Japan, the Asian region, and the World.



Teikyo Simulation Education Research Center (TSERC)

センター長 Director of the Center

 金子 一郎(帝京大学医学部)Ichiro Kaneko (Medical School)

副センター長 Associate Director of the Center

 丸山 桂司(帝京大学薬学部)Keiji Maruyama (Pharmacy School)



Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
Teikyo Simulation Education and Research Center adopts Code-of -Ethics as the the ethical standards of our center.
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